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Donate to Cancer Research UK & Africa


We are asking for donations for cancer clients in UK and Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) suffers from a growing cancer burden. By the year 2030, cancer and other non-communicable diseases may overtake some infectious diseases as leading causes of death in SSA. Addressing this burden requires a multi-pronged approach that includes improved policy and funding support, improved knowledge of cancer in SSA, awareness of the cancer burden, clinical oncology infrastructure and improved cancer health systems, and cancer prevention and control strategies. Key to lowering the cancer burden in SSA is the development of cancer research that addresses these issues in the African setting. Just as the development of knowledge about cancer and its prevention and treatment have made major contributions to reducing the cancer burden in the developed world, Africa too must create knowledge that will address African-specific cancer problems for the improved health of Africans. This is why it is Healthcare Relief (Healthcare4Africa) mandate to support institutions, World Health Organisation and supporting infrastructures existing in the countries that we operate to support cancer clients. In our mandate, we do not refer to those we provide services to and or those who seek our support “patients” instead “clients”.

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