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Donation for Diabetics kits, Mosquitoe nets, Medical Equipment & Consumables


We are seeking manufacturers of pharmaceutical products who are seeking to enter the African markets to partner with. Healthcare Relief (Healthcare4Africa) is organising campaigns to effect outcomes of Diabetic clients, people with malaria by providing them with mosquito nets. We welcome donations in kind, please visit our donations page to effect improvement of outcomes of our clients across Africa and also in the UK.

Why I am supporting Healthcare Relief’s cause… I use to live a normal life until on my way to work when I realised I woke up on hospital bed not know what happened and how I get there. I was later informed, I felt down and unconscious. I was told my sugar level dropped drastically that, good Samaritans called the ambulances which whisked me to the nearby hospital. I cannot see anyone go through what I went through. It is time for everyone to check themselves constantly and those diagnose with diabetics are given the necessary care.

Mosquitoes in Africa kills more than thousands every year and a donation in kind by giving mosquito nets to Healthcare Relief can go a long way to serve a child from dying from malaria. Please find it in your heart to donate £5 towards the purchase of nets to save lives.

Our Mission:

To raise $15,000 in support of raising awareness of diabetics and to procure mosquito nets for our clients.

Our Vission:

Supporting the deprived and under privileged the basic amenities of care.


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