Our Guarantee

  • We will do this by recruiting competent and dedicated country representatives who will ensure delivery of healthcare products reach the deprived; our target audience.
  • We will undertake rigorous training to support smooth delivery of our stated objects and goals.
  • We will serve as a watch dog to track and trace existing charitable organizations already operating in the countries we operate in to ensure their activities actually benefit the people they claimed they serve. We will report any bad practices of international charitable organizations in our African countries to their charitable commission in the country of their registration
  • We will thrive to be the centre of excellence or first point of contacts for international operations in Africa including voluntary mission services in Africa
  • We will be an umbrella organisation, we will monitor the activities of other charitable organisation operating in Africa to ensure our Africans receive best value, quality of service and what those charities claim to provide for them
  • As a fledgling Charity, Healthcare4Africa has also endeavored to offer a totally unique system of accountability to all of its donors, members and partners with a transparent (financial) reporting systemThe charity account will be open and transparent and to be accessible by its members on a secure members only page. This is our guarantee to all our sponsors and members and this is our promise.
  • We will be accountable to our donors; we will ensure the delivery of free healthcare products to deprive. We will ensure that, the people we represent will not pay a penny for our services. We will ensure that, medical aids, clothing’s and consumables delivered to the deprived are done free of charge.
  • We will act as a catalyst organization, through which people who do not abide by our objectives or other charitable organizations who do not comply with charitable status and constitution will be prosecuted. We will ensure that people who sell our products to the very people we stand for are prosecuted in the strongest possible term
  • We will work with local police and national healthcare delivery system to ensure our objectives are met.